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Water-based polyurea

Novel water-based polyurea coating with unmatched performance and eco-friendliness

TouchGreen® represents a revolutionary milestone in long-term hand protection and environmental sustainability.

Polyurea is one of the most durable and robust protective coating known to man, far superior to polyurethane coating.
Through breakthrough in research, seamless polyurea coating is applied for enhanced safety, comfort, dexterity,
grip, durability and cost-efficiency.

Water-based polyurea

Furthermore, TouchGreen® is produced using a completely water-based polyurea resin without any additional harmful
solvents such as DMF or butadiene.
Not only does this increase safety for wearers, but prevents environmental contamination.

Industries :

Automotive, Transport equipment, Machinery, Electronics Lightweight assembly, Food handling, Gardening

DMF Free

Butadiene Free

Silicon Free

Touch Green® for family and safety