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UHMW-PE glove

Cutting-resistance Glove

The gloves shown in the picture are coated in transparent color. In other words, the color can be determined
by the color of the glove’s shell, and pigments or dyes can be mixed with the resin to create desired color.

UHMW-PE glove

Protect your hands with the Touch Green Mega Grip-H series! These gloves utilize a 15-gauge UHMWPE shell that
provides a high level of cut resistance. The polyurea coating on the palm and fingers provides excellent grip and
abrasion resistance in both wet and dry applications. It is suitable for the most allergy-sensitive wearers.
The 15-gauge UHMWPE shell provides high performance and high levels of dexterity to polyurea for cut resistance.
Its seamless design provides a comfortable fit and the transparent coating meets EN 388:2016 standards for
abrasion resistance, blade cut, tear, and puncture

Touch Green® for family and safety