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Coated glove

Super lite weight

It‘s almost as if it doesn't even have a coating on the glove and SOFT FEEL COATING provides reducing hand
fatigue and increasing comfort to the wearers.

Coated glove

Safety and dexterity

Compared to polyurethane, polyurea is approximately 10 times stronger, with the tensile strength of 180kgcm-2
and elongation of 800%. Users can experience superior form and fit, with greater flexibility and grip.
Seamless coating extends to cover the thenar eminence for maximized protection.

Coated glove


Optimal coating thickness is applied with no penetration into the inner shell for greater comfort.
This is achieved without the use of traditional toxic additives that can cause stiffening of the glove.

Coated glove

Permeate into the shell

Almost PU resin permeates into the shell and it can come in contact with user’s skin
But polyurea resin doesn’t permeate opposite side of the shell.

Coated glove

Clean surface and Colorless coating

The polyurea coated gloves has very clean surface and doesn’t have any oily surface and colorless/semi-transparent
coating can be produced with any range of color desired.

Coated glove

UV and heat resistant

Compared to polyurethane, polyurea provides considerably better resistance to UV light and can withstand
extremes of temperatures.


Super-adhesiveness ensures longer coating lifespan, and the coating can be applied to most knit shells.


Environmentally friendly

The in-house developed polyurea resin is water-based and no other replacement solvent is used in the
manufacturing process. Subsequently, solvent waste into the environment is eliminated.

Cost efficient

Expensive solvent and additives extraction techniques are not required, resulting in a simplified manufacturing
process. This combined with enhanced durability helps to drive down costs for our costumers and is the ideal
long-term economic, eco-friendly solution. TouchGreen® gloves can be washed and re-used multiple times, further
increasing its lifespan.

Fingerprint resistant

Durable coating helps prevent unwanted fingerprints even throughout prolonged use.

Colorless coating

Polyurea coating is colorless and semi-transparent. TouchGreen® can be produced with any range of color desired.


DMF and butadiene are among the many solvents used in the production of conventional polyurethane and nitrile
coated gloves. DMF is a serious irritant to the skin and eyes, toxic to reproduction and can cause birth defects.
It is classified as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) by the European Union. Butadiene is a recognized
carcinogen and mutagen which can lead to cancer. With our strong commitment to workplace safety and
environmental sustainability, TouchGreen® gloves are proudly declared DMF free, butadiene free, and silicon free.

Touch Green® for family and safety