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    The goal

    Our aim was to create a new eco-friendly resin and palm coated gloves that provide equal or greater performance
    to that of polyurethane and NBR coated gloves, without the associated health and environmental damage.
    Our product must also be affordable in order to ensure that adaptation to the new green technology is financially
    viable for manufacturing companies and consumers alike.

    The solution

    Through breakthrough in research, a completely water-based polyurea resin technology was developed that
    involves no other solvents whatsoever (such as DMF or butadiene found in polyurethane and nitrile gloves).
    Subsequently, our manufacturing process does not require any extraction of harmful substances that is costly and
    environmentally detrimental.
    It is well established that polyurea is vastly superior to polyurethane as a protective coating in almost every aspect.
    TouchGreen® gloves were created by applying polyurea coating to gloves and boasts greatly enhanced
    performance features amongst other advantages when compared to polyurethane coated gloves:

    - Increased tensile strength and elongation
    - Greater flexibility, comfort and dexterity
    - Increased chemical resistance
    - Increased UV and heat resistance
    - Increased grip
    - Greatly increased durability and lifespan
    - Breathable back and water resistant palm coating
    - Colorless and semi-transparent coating for seamless aesthetics and color variability

    With our strong commitment to workplace safety and environmental sustainability, TouchGreen® gloves are
    proudly declared DMF free, butadiene free, and silicon free.
    A simple dip-and-dry manufacture process, and greatly increased lifespan of each glove results in lower cost
    for the consumer.
    TouchGreen® is the ideal long-term economic, eco-friendly solution.