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      Water-based polyurea


      A polyurea coating/elastomer is that derived from the reaction product of an isocyanate component and a resin blend component.
      The isocyanate can be aromatic or aliphatic in nature. It can be monomer, polymer, or any variant reaction of isocyanates, quasi-prepolymer or a prepolymer. The prepolymer, or quasi-prepolymer, can be made of an amine-terminated polymer resin, or a hydroxyl-terminated polymer resin.
      The Resin blend must be made up of amine-terminated polymer resins, and/or amine-terminated chain extenders. The amine-terminated polymer resins will not have any intentional hydroxyl moieties. Any hydroxyls are the result of incomplete conversion to the amine-terminated polymer resins. The resin blend may also contain additives, or non-primary components. These additives may contain hydroxyls, such as pre-dispersed pigments in a polyol carrier. Normally, the resin blend will not contain a catalyst(s).

      By Polyurea Development Association

      What is polyurea?

      Polyurea is generated through the chain reaction between isocyanate prepolymer and specially mixed polyetheramine. It is a polymer material that has the urea bond the molecular structure.

      It is a water-based and environmentally friendly material, which is characterized by 0% of volatile organic compounds such as DMF and butadiene.

      Touch Green ® is the first polyurea coated gloves in the world which has excellent tensile strength, elongation high quality for the chemically resistant and adhesive property.

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      Coated Gloves

    • Coated Gloves

      Coated Gloves

      Polyurea coated glove Eco-friendly water-based polyurea coated gloves contain no solvents and are harmless to the human body. They are widely used in general work field, household, gardening, leisure, food processing, and electronics industries. The film-coated glove completely blocks water and other contaminants from entering the glove. It offers excellent adhesion, grip and non-slip properties to hands as if wearing surgical gloves.
      Micro Air Cell ® Foam Glove Micro Air Cell ® is a touch-green foam technology that creates a fine air-bubble layer and provides stable cushioning and breathability that is sweat-resistantdue to the air layer. Superior abrasion, breathability and soft grip give the worker the optimum working environment even when worn for a long time.
      Cut resistant gloves (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Cutting-resistant gloves of the touch green are products that meet the cut level 7, cut level 9 of ANSI. They are characterized by having an elastic inner layer that gives a feeling of wearing ordinary nylon gloves. It is suitable for industries that handle sharp metal such as meat industry, heavy industrial and automobile industries.

      Characteristics of polyurea glove

      Feeling of Wearing The excellent fit and grip of the hand, as if wearing surgical gloves, which reduces hand fatigue.
      Slip-resistance It has excellent slip-resistance and can easily pick up small parts. It does not slip easily to oil or organic solvents.
      Non-solvent gloves (eco-friendly) The environment-friendly gloves do not cause any skin trouble because there is no solvent such as DMF (dimethylformamide) or Butadiene.
      Silicone-free There is absolutely no silicone, so no fingerprints are generated, which can be used in semiconductor, clean room, electronic industry, and glass industries.
      Life span of the glove Polyurea resin with excellent tensile strength (180kg / cm2) and elongation (800%) improves glove life and performance.
      Color Gloves of various colors can be produced according to consumer preference.
      Washing It can be reused after washing and drying.
      It can be used in food industries. It is safe to use by people with sensitive skin (passed the KFDA test) as there is no harmful substance, and it is safe to use for food manufacturing and food processing.